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Hydro Turbine Bearings
Pump Bearings
 Hydro Turbine Bearings    
We represent Thordon Bearings Inc.- Canada for Hydro Turbine Bearings

The Recognised choice for Long Life, Low Friction Bearing Systems.

Reliability, long life & superior customer service have made Thordon Bearing Inc. the standerd with hydro-electric power producers for pollution free, lowfriction bearing systems.When specifying operating mechanism bearings, water- lubricated turbine main shaft guide bearings and pump bearings; Thordon is the proven choice for value and performance for both rehabilitation and turbine projects.

Thordon Bearings' desing engineers provide customers with bearing system designs that meet or exceed their specifications, Depending on the application, the optimum bearing can be selected from several Thordon grades and configurations.

Recently, concern over down-stream pollution caused by grease and oil lubricated bearings has placed increased emphasis on non-polluting bearings systems. Thordon-Bearings, a pioneer in the development of grease-free bearing designs, supplied bearings in 1974 for installation at Ontario Hydro's Niagara Fall's station. Today, this bearing continue to perform well.

ThorPlas® (Blue)

Application - High Pressure - Example – Wicket Gate Bearings, Butterfly Valves & Operating Shaft Mechanism Bearings
Thordon SXL Bearings

Application - Main Guide Bearings, Segmented Shaft Seal & Operating Ring Wear Pad.

Segmented Shaft
Operating Ring
Wear Pads
Screen Bearings and
Wear Pads
Thordon SXL main guide bearing ready for installation
Thordon SXL main guide bearing Thordon SXL
Metal Backed - HPSXL Bearings

Application - Wicket Gate Bearings, Butterfly Valve Bearings, Operating Mechanism Bearings, Operating Ring Wear Pads & Thrust Washers.
Composite Bearings Thordon GM2401/Composite (Yellow Shell, Black Wear surface is GM2401)

Application - Main Shaft Guide Bearings for Highly abrasive waters.
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