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We represent Thordon Bearings Inc.- Canada for Pump Bearings

Today's business climate demands reliability, cost effectiveness, flexibility & technical support. When specifying and purchasing pump bearings, Thordon is the proven choice for value and performance for both OEM and maintenance water lubricated pump bearing applications. Originally developed over 30 years ago for use as a high performance pump bearing. Thordon is an electrometric polymer alloy that provides exceptional wear life. Today available worldwide, all Thordon bearings are manufactured to ISO 9001 Quality System requirements ensuring high quality and consistency

The standard grade for Thordon pump bearing applications, XL offers a good balance between long life, low dry coefficient of friction, reasonable abrasion resistance and cost affectivity. Limited dry running capability - 10 to 15 seconds - is possible and optimum performance is achieved operating in relatively clean non-abrasive fluids. Thordon XL bearings are available in a wide range of sizes in both grooved and un-grooved configurations.

The preferred choice for dry start-up operation, SXL offers a lower dry coefficient of friction and better wear life and abrasive resistance compared to XL. Thordon SXL bearings have been successfully used in many deep well pumps where start-up dry running periods in excess of one minute are experienced. SXL bearings are available in a wide range of sizes in both grooved and ungrooved configurations.

Specifically formulated to provide outstanding wear life in abrasive operating conditions, Composite often outperforms other bearings by a factor of several times. Extremely cost effective in abrasive conditions, Thordon Composite exhibits a dry coefficient of friction lower than rubber. Composite bearings are available in a wide range of sizes in grooved configurations only.
Thorplas Bearings

Thermoplastic material developed by Thordon specifically as a homogeneous high pressure bearings that offers dry start up capability and has a maximum dynamic work pressure. It has a very low wear in non-abrasive environments, reasonable abrasion resistance - less than Thordon elastomeric grades , but better than bronze , epoxy phenolics and many other non - metallic bearing materials and higher temperature resistance i.e. 80 Degree Celcius in wet condition.
Metal Backed Bearings

Bearings can be produced by freeze / Bond fitting any of the above Thordon Grades into a metallic housing. Use of a Thordon lining in a metallic housing produces a stiffer bearing that requires significantly less running clearance than other non-metallic bearings. Originally developed to meet the needs of the nuclear power industry, this design is now specified in many other applications.
Application Information

Fluid compatibility: Thordon bearing can be used in a wide range of chemicals including oil, and mild acid or caustic solution (ph5-10). Thordon's corrosion resistance is superior to metallic bearing materials commonly used in pumps.

Temperature: Thordon has a maximum operating temperature of 60 C (140 F) in water(exception Thorplas 80 Degree Celcius).

Running Clearances: The running clearances for Thordon pump bearings vary and are determined by the grade of Thordon specified, the design of the bearing, the operating conditions and the method of installation. Varying the installation method and the design of the bearing are the most direct ways to influence running clearances. When tight impeller clearances are required, a Thordon-metal backed design is recommended.

Impeller Wear Rings: Thordon SXL lined wear rings provide extended wear life and prevent metal to metal contact eliminating flat spotting of the impeller.

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