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We represent Kobelt for Hydraulic Steering and Accessories

Kobelt is a premier manufacturer of quality marine engine controls, electronic, pneumatic and hydraulic steering, shaft brakes, deck machinery controls & industrial disc brakes used around the globe in all sizes of pleasure craft, work boats, public service vessels, oil rigs, wind turbines, aerospace and mining industries since 1962.
Install It Once, Use it for Life.... Kobelt Marine Components are Built to Last.
  1. Steering components up to 320 tonmeter for hydraulic steering of single and multi-rudder vessels.
  2. In the aftdeck control station, complete control over all propulsion and deck machinery.
  3. Hydraulic cylinder and control devices for lowering and raising masts, davits for lifeboats, loading ramps etc.
  4. Weatherproof controls for outside stations to control propulsion and deck machinery.
  5. Control components for propulsion and deck machinery, plus electronic alarm systems and electronic telegraphs.
  6. Control for all deck machinery such as anchor and towing winches.
  7. Controls for bow thrusters.
  8. Control components for any propulsion package, fixed pitch CP propellers, load share and load control.
  9. Propeller shaft disk brakes, from small engines up to 50,000 HP.
  10. Control components to control stern thrusters.
Steering Gear System

"Control your Ships with Kobelt Steering Gear System"
Kobelt Steering Gear system is easy to install, reliable and easy accessible for maintenance. We are proud that so many clients equipped their vessels , ships or yatchs with Kobelt Steering Gear system.

Kobelt Hydraulic Steering Gear is designed for optimal control. It can be adopted to suit your specific needs and is deliverable in any desired Rudder Angle & Rudder type. A larger variety of controls / operation and indicator options are available and the steering gear can be combined with all well known type of automation equipments like Auto Pilot , Integrated joy stick, dynamic positioning.
Electronic Controls

Ever since our humble beginnings in 1962 with our very first line of pneumatic controls, we have progressed with innovations in electronic controls to our craftsmanship with bronze and stainless steel, our products span the oceans of the world to further our reputation as an international leader in Maritime Technology.

KOBELT Eelectronic Control components include
  • Motorola microprocessor with a LAN Input for head units
  • Up to twelve point switch inputs for the synchronizer & alarms
  • Eight point potentiometer input for the actuator feedback
  • Six actuator outputs
  • Two brake relays
  • Alarm relay
  • RS232 communication port to ensure communication and calibration of all components of the control system.
Pneumatic Controls

Kobelt Pneumatic Control components are the most reliable means of control for marine propulsion packages and deck machinery. Our engineering department has done an excellent job in simplifying designs, by eliminating many moving parts and yet retaining all the essential safeguards for propulsion package timing. The simplicity sign, in conjunction with our selection of materials, makes Kobelt the number one choice for Pneumatic Marine Controls.

Pneumatic Marine Controls lend themselves extremely well for multistation remote control, interlocks and time delays, automatic load share and automatic load control. Kobelt can also provide all necessary alarms, control - consoles and console - tops for your
complete turn-key package. We manufacture all components for any type of pneumatic control system.

Best suited for vessels anywhere between 50 to 600 feet (15 to 180m), this control system features a limitless number of
control stations. As additional stations do not affect the performance of the control station, the control heads move effortlessly, regardless of the distance or force required.
Push-Pull Controls

Using the best materials for construction & skillful engineering has enabled us to offer our customer the best warranty in the industry.

The Push-Pull Control for small craft has proven to be the easiest control installation. The flexible cables require little planning for installation and no intermediate supports. Kobelt, today is the only manufacturer in the world providing brass and stainless steel control components. Our quality and price make it almost impossible for a boat owner to choose any other product. The durability & performance of our products have an international reputation which is envied by our competitors.
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