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 Reverse Osmosis Desalinators Download Brochure  
We represent SLCE Watermakers for Desalinators with Reverse Osmosis Technology

From the primary filtration of the feed sea water , to the quality control of the produced water, SLCE SD / SH desalinators comprise a complete and high performance treatment line, associated with an ergonomic control and checking system.

  • Epoxy coated stainless steel frame
  • Self priming low pressure feed pump
  • Sand filter with multi-function valve
  • 20 and 5 μ cartridge filters
  • High pressure pump in 316 L stainless steel
  • Reverse Osmosis modules with high rejection rate membranes
  • Pressure control gauges and pressure safety switches
  • Continuous salinity checking with automatic waste valve
  • Flushing circuit with circulation pump
  • Electrical cabinet automatically driven by a PLC
  • Neutralite filter separated for installation on the
    produced water piping

SLCE SD5 Range (From 1.5 to 5.5 m3/24h) Compact


Compact dimensions and capacities suitable for small tonnage vessels.

The neutralite filter and the sand filter are separated from the skid.

The reverse osmosis module can be integrated with, or separated from, the skid.

SLCE SD11/SD21/SD22 ( From 5 to 32 m3/24h) Compact Modular Kit


Very compact desalinator; excellent compromise between production capacity and space requirements.

In its modular version the skid can be separated into three modules in order to facilitate its transport and installation.

This modularity is very useful when installing the machine on refitting boats, particularly when access is through narrow gangways.

The desalinator can be transported in three compact modules, then re-assembled on site, connection being easily done by means of the rapid joiners supplied.

The kit version is ideal for installing on board vessels where there is no single big enough space available.

Available on the SD21-404 model, the ECO option allows reduction in electricity consumption (energy recovery system).

SLCE SD11/SD21/SD22 TWIN Range (From 2X5 to 2X32 m3/24h)


The most compact double desalinator on the market; all the necessary components of two complete and independent desalinators are integrated into a single skid, including the sand filters, the low pressure pumps and the neutralite filters.

Each desalinator is independant of the other, and has its own circuit and control cabinet. They can thus operate either simultaneously or autonomously.

SH Range (Up to 120 m3/24h)


Standard units, the range is skid mounted

  • Integrating everything needed, including sand filter, seawater self-priming feed pump on the ranges SH21, SH22, SH31.
  • separate sand filter and seawater feed pump on the SH61 range.
Available in all 3-phase voltages, the SH range of water makers is entirely automatic.

SLE / HLE Ranges
(Up to 600 m3/24h and Above 1000 m3/24h)


Less than 3 kWh per m3 produced water.

Energy recovery (Pressure exchanger, PX) water makers, skid mounted, with separate sand filter and seawater feed pump.

Available in all 3-phase voltages, the SLE range of water makers are entirely automatic.

Some Customized Solutions

  • Mobile Water production unit
  • Equipment in a container
  • Equipment transportable by air
  • Military equipment
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